Harmony Jewelers was originally a division of Al Manara Watches & Precious Gems which was founded in the early 1975s. The Mazrui International Group acquired the jewelry division of Al Manara in 2014 and subsequently renamed the brand Harmony.

Harmony retains the legacy of one of the oldest UAE-based jewelry businesses. Its workshop and design studio artisans continue to control all the designs and the production of all its pieces. All fine jewelry and special orders are created by hand and in so doing preserve the legacy of its artisanal history and traditions.

In addition to in-house customized designed and made collections, Harmony Jewelers currently comprises a multi-brand haute joaillerie boutique located in Abu Dhabi presenting a carefully edited collection from some of the world’s most important jewelers including Fabergé, Maria Gaspari, Hans D. Krieger, Giloro, and Paolo Piovan, together with refined creative jewels from the Harmony Collection. Harmony caters primarily to local and international consumers looking for jewels of considerable value and prestige.

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